FSQA Manager

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Summary: Responsible for quality systems and procedures, food safety programs, regulatory affairs.  Implement and oversee plant product quality improvement and proactive initiatives and quality measurement programs.  Responsible for programs involving product/ingredient specifications, web based information systems, product cuttings, quality audits and customer complaints.

Position Responsibilities / Objectives

  • This is a safety-required position in which the employee is responsible for his or her own or other people’s safety in a manufacturing environment. Safety performance and consciousness requires full, uninterrupted, unbiased, cognitive ability and behavior.
  • Responsible for Food Safety
  • Responsible for Food Quality
  • Responsible for reporting food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.
  • Work well and cooperate with other members of the line/department and provide good teamwork.
  • Be in the correct position on time and ready to work.
  • Be sure to be present in proper uniforms with correct Personal Protective Equipment requirements.
  • Take a proactive approach in the development and continuous improvement of plant quality performance.
  • Participate in selection of best practice processes for food safety and quality systems.
  • Provide and make changes to quality procedures/systems as necessary.
  • Manage the QA laboratory techs.
  • Manage and maintain the auditing of all quality parameters within the facility including incoming supplier specifications, production, warehousing, shipping, etc.
  • Conduct mock recalls and traceability at least 2x/year.
  • Conduct HACCP audits and participate on the HACCP team. Conduct HACCP meetings.
  • Monitor all plant paperwork for compliance, as needed and applicable.
  • Conduct product audits (cuttings).
  • Conduct internal monthly GMP & Safety audits of the entire plant.
  • Handle and follow-up with customer complaints.  Track trends.
  • Manage effective communication among all internal departments, teams, and external resources.
  • Manage the HOLD/RELEASE program.
  • Point of contact for all 3rd party, regulatory and customer audits.

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