Maintenance Manager

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Four year Technical/Engineering Degree

Minimum 6 years of experience in a manufacturing environment and knowledge of Utilities, Facilities or Production Equipment Maintenance – 4 years minimum experience as a Maintenance Manager


  • The Maintenance Manager is responsible for all Maintenance functions necessary to ensure efficient plant operations; manufacturing, utility services, boilers, ammonia refrigeration, compressed air, electrical services, building maintenance, etc
  • The Maintenance Manager also provides coaching, mentoring and skill development to the maintenance teams in; waste elimination, risk management and life cycle asset management to sustain a proactive, planned-scheduled Maintenance programs
  • Guide the team to reduce technical stoppages in equipment or areas of common occurrence (priority given to areas of highest incidence or impact)
  • Ensure systematic “root cause” analysis of unforeseen; equipment, processes and utilities that are critical to the plant and those where failure can have an unacceptable impact on safety, quality and capabilities
  • Monitor plant/equipment trends to ensure best possible operation and reduction of planned/unplanned downtime
  • Propose and monitor key performance indicators in accordance with the Best Maintenance Practices
  • Facilitate the evolution/refinement of Maintenance activities to optimize planned and unplanned PM’s, changeovers, etc
  • Will safely manage multiple projects simultaneously to achieve overall company objectives to maximize operational results and insure profitability
  • Ensure the implementation of all repairs/modifications resulting from plant assessments, plant audits, and notifications are executed on time and offer a high-quality workmanship
  • Ensure that the job planning, material and services planning is accurate and effective
  • Ensure that the equipment history data, root cause analysis are completed correctly and timely
  • Develop, train and network with Plant SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Evaluate the performance of team members and provide periodic feedback to ensure development
  • Share LCE/TPM and other maintenance-related best practices, leadership/training guides, etc
  • Collaborate with team members, suppliers, contractors, and plant partners to ensure customer needs are met and/or exceeded
  • Encourage close team work between all plant functions (Productions, Quality Management, etc.)
  • Conduct regular inspections of plant PM’s to seek out potential areas for improvement and solicit operator feedback
  • Consolidate and analyze the Maintenance budget, drive value-added and sustainable improvements with the assistance of technical team members
  • Manage the technical store (tracking of spare parts used), schedule Work Orders, PM’s and provide value-added equipment reorder data as require
  • Support and back-fill the roll-out and sustainability of TPM/LCE pillars
  • Assures compliance with government regulatory agencies
  • Promotes, adheres, and is responsible for Food Safety and Quality
  • Maintain and update engineering information (EI) documents (equipment manuals, drawings, schematics, etc.)

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