Maintenance Supervisor

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JOB SUMMARY:  Supervises the day-to-day maintenance activities of a division to ensure that the division objectives for efficiency, economy, quality, and productivity are met or exceeded. Must be available to work Off Shift Schedule.



Supervises the day-to-day activities of maintenance staff to expedite work order processing, production breakdown response, efficient project completion, and implementation of other maintenance policies and procedures and to ensure work is performed in compliance with established guidelines for safety and productivity (30%)

Schedules and monitors maintenance of production machinery, related equipment, and spare parts inventory to ensure maintenance standards are met, to minimize down-time, and to meet production schedule requirements. (20%)

Designs or lays out in-house projects to enhance company productivity and reduce down-time. (20%)

Monitors the budget to ensure that maintenance costs are within plan. (15%)

Communicates with maintenance staff and other employees to disseminate maintenance standards and ensure compliance and regulatory agency standards. (15%)

Performs other related and assigned duties as necessary


Supervises 10 to 20 maintenance employees.


  • Productivity/quality standards:  project management
  • Productivity/quality standards:  responsiveness and reliability
  • Productivity/quality standards:  waste reduction
  • Productivity/quality standards:  minimal down-time
  • Budget
  • Cost containment
  • Teamwork within the department and across departments
  • Project/assignment standards
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety standards and procedures:  employees
  • Safety standards and procedures:  facility and equipment

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Education and experience equivalent to:


Up to 18 months of post high school education in engineering or electronics from an accredited vocational, technical, or junior college


3 to 6 years of relevant more experience.

Knowledge of (B/basic; J/journey; E/expert):

  • Electrical, hydraulic, refrigeration, pneumatic, boiler, and other systems
  • Supervisory concepts and techniques
  • Relevant division or department policies and regulations
  • Project management concepts and techniques
  • PC word processing/spreadsheet software applications
  • Maintenance in a manufacturing environment
  • OSHA, USDA regulations

Skill and ability to:

  • Read diagrams and blueprints
  • Interpret maintenance anomalies or irregularities and identify appropriate solutions
  • Communicate and coordinate effectively with employees verbally and in writing
  • Communicate and coordinate effectively with internal customers
  • Read and process written information with a high degree of accuracy
  • Climb, crawl, squat, kneel, reach or twist
  • Lift, push, pull, or carry objects over 25 pounds
  • Work effectively in a general business environment, with a focus on high levels of quality and customer service

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