Sanitation Supervisor

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JOB SUMMARY:  Supervises the day-to-day sanitation activities for food processing operations to meet objectives, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, and comply with established regulations for food and process safety and sanitation.



  1. Supervises day-to-day implementation of sanitation protocols and safety measures to achieve division and productivity and quality objectives and to ensure compliance with company and regulatory agency regulations (SSOP, GMP, OSHA, etc.). (30%)
  2. Oversees pre-operation process and start-up to ensure timeliness, bacteria-free equipment re-assembly. (20%)
  3. Maintains daily inventory control of all finished products and raw materials to provide accurate and timely data on daily productivity. (15%)
  4. Supervises the daily activities of assigned staff, providing instructions and performance feedback to ensure that productivity and quality objectives are met or exceeded, and monitoring schedules to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained. (15%)
  5. Identifies and resolves process and equipment problems, using available resources to maintain sanitation, productivity and quality levels. (5%)
  6. Implements approaches to improve quality and productivity by developing new ideas, improving processes, and planning for upcoming equipment or process changes. (5%)
  7. Routinely informs, trains, and communicates with employees to promote smooth operations, enhance their understanding of policies and objectives, and to ensure compliance with established production policies and procedures. (5%)
  8. Performs additional tasks to support operations, such as ordering supplies and relieving operations supervisors. (5%)
  9. Performs other related and assigned duties as necessary.


Supervises up to 10 mostly hourly employees


  • Productivity/quality standards:  cleanliness
  • Productivity/quality standards:  energy, water, and chemical conservation
  • Productivity/quality standards:  continuous product/process improvement
  • Staffing, training, scheduling, and utilization
  • Records management
  • Inventory
  • Start-up efficiencies
  • Budget
  • Cost containment
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Teamwork within the department and across departments
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Vendor relations
  • Safety standards and procedures:  employees
  • Safety standards and procedures:  equipment


AA degree in food science or business administration from an accredited vocational, technical or junior college institution


6 to 10 years of relevant work experience in a food-manufacturing environment with lead or supervisory experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Food processing and formulation concepts and techniques (E)
  • Quality assurance concepts and techniques (E)
  • Accounting concepts and techniques (J)
  • Sanitation concepts and techniques (J)
  • Chemical properties of sanitizers (J)
  • OSHA, SSOP, MSDS, HACCP, FSIS, USDA policies and regulations (J)
  • Supervisory concepts and procedures (J)
  • Food processing equipment (B)
  • Budgetary concepts and procedures (B)
  • Food safety concepts and techniques (B)
  • PC word processing/spreadsheet software (B)

Skill and ability to:

  • Supervise and motivate employees in a team-based environment
  • Identify problems or irregularities for early resolution
  • Communicate and coordinate effectively with employees verbally and in writing
  • Communicate and coordinate effectively with internal and external customers
  • Work effectively in a general business environment, with a focus on high levels of quality and customer service

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