Mechanical Engineer


Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of design, trends, construction methodology, materials application and manufacturer-supplier appropriateness.
  • Basic knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principals involved in production of precision technical plans, drawings, and models.
  • Basic knowledge of sustainability, integrated design and LEED guidelines.
  • Ability to “salvage” troubled Clients, accounts, and/or projects
  • Knowledge of building codes and regulations, Life Safety codes, building systems, and ADA requirements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally, graphically and in writing.
  • Proficiency in contract administration.
  • Proficiency to organize, prioritize and effectively meet deadlines and provide high quality service to clients.
  • Proficiency in Deltek Vision, MS Office, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of Revit, AutoCAD/Architectural Desktop, 3D Modeling software.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

Financial Management

  • Initiate and maintain contracts with other key project individuals for clarification, coordination and negotiation of critical issues
  • Initiate project set up and input information in to Deltek Vision.
  • Manage project using the Deltek Vision; complete work plans; including identification of Teammate assignments to skill sets, schedule for completion, project budget, consultants, fees and labor costs as well as project change notices or other actions taking place on the assigned project. Review with your Project Analyst to ensure projects are being set up appropriately.
  • Prepare invoices with accuracy for review with your assigned Project Analyst.

Client Relationship

  • Function as the primary Client contact through all phases of the project.
  • Maintain positive client relationships throughout project. Keep Client apprised of project progress on regular basis.
  • Assist Client in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts if required.
  • Foster relationships with Clients, Vendors, Brokers, Consultants etc.  and engage with them on a personal level as well as work to gain their confidence.

Business Development

  • Participate in marketing and business development opportunities as requested.
  • Develop work plans, fee proposals and project schedules in response to RFP’s and other opportunities.
  • Nurture professional relationships with Clients on an ongoing basis to assist with business development for the firm.
  • Support business development initiatives set forth by the office leadership team.
  • Develop a personal business development action plan with project lead, Studio Director and/or Market Leader.
  • Make recommendations to office leadership regarding quantity, complexity, and diversity of future projects they feel are necessary for consideration.


  • Inspire a positive team environment.
  • Encourage communication on all levels of the team.
  • Serve the team. Be approachable, supportive, and encouraging.
  • Interact with other teams and/or collaborate with them when necessary
  • Effectively manage Teammates to maintain positive interaction, while ensuring the highest product quality, meeting client expectations within the approved fee budget, project budget and project milestone dates.
  • Participate in interviews and recruiting of professional staff as requested.
  • Enhance the work and careers of Teammates through continuous training, support, mentoring on project specific items including: project management, production, design development, etc.
  • Work alongside project lead and Studio Leader to schedule Designers, Interns, etc. with success; respecting each other’s responsibilities to achieve desired outcomes
  • Provide consistent and constructive feedback to Designers, Architects, etc. and assist the project lead and Studio Leader with providing Teammates with opportunities to achieve professional goals.
  • Contribute as a Team Leader, on an as-needed basis as it relates to individual performance & development within the project team
  • Embrace specific steps to create, develop and promote a diverse workforce and to promote an inclusive environment
  • Demonstrate fair, consistent, and objective evaluation of each situation to establish trust in the team.
  • Provide feedback and encouragement to foster confidence and innovation.
  • Build emotional engagement amongst teammates within the project team.

Resource Management

  • Develop and communicate expectations for the project for achieving client satisfaction. Establish both quantitative and qualitative project goals and objectives with the project team and hold the project team accountable for attaining them.
  • Complete project plans in Deltek Project Planning in support of resource planning and accurate revenue projections
  • Meet weekly with the project team to outline and review work is progressing as scheduled.
  • Participate in local management or scheduling meetings to review all projects status and provide recommendations for corrective actions when appropriate.

Project Delivery

  • Manage and lead the Key Project Management Functions: Opportunities, Projects, Planning and Accounting.
  • Conduct informal meetings with project team on a regular basis and give direction as required so that the project stays on course, within budget, etc. Provide recommendations as needed for corrective actions on a regular basis.
  • Update project lead on a regular basis regarding project status and notify project lead/Studio Leader and/or Operations Director and/or Market Leader immediately if the project is off track, etc. Provide solutions to situations that need resolution.
  • Develop and facilitate contracts between, Client and outside consultants for services with the approval from the Studio Leader and/or Market Leader.
  • Manage the project contract performance and process understanding the scope, budget, and quality agreed to by the Client.
  • Execute the contract in alignment with approved work plans, schedules and budgets to attain profitability targets to manage and monitor the project life cycle and financial outcome of the project.
  • Communicate with other disciplines, vendors, and contractors to ensure incorporation of all information into project requirements and provide support as necessary
  • Ensure project documentation and contracts are compliant standards
  • Ensure that design reviews occur at the designated stages of projects.
  • Monitor and, when appropriate, manage communication between the project team and client, consultants, contractors and vendors to communicate design requirements or coordinate design documents.
  • Contribute to and offer professional opinion to the office Leadership Team of the firm regarding current projects, staff, client relationships, etc.
  • Complete timesheet daily, confirming accuracy prior to submission.
  • Complete expense reports timely, confirming accuracy prior to submission
  • Participate as requested in meetings with the office leadership team to share ideas regarding existing and overall organization, business development opportunities, position in the marketplace, etc.
  • Support the office leadership team with firm wide initiatives.
  • Take on special projects as directed by the office leadership team.


  • Conduct initial review of drawings, documents and proposals prior to other reviews ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Review all plans and other production tasks for accuracy prior to submission to project lead, Studio Leader, or Technical Leader.
  • Establish a process and ensure all projects receive QA/QC review by assigned Technical Leader, Design Leader, Architect, etc.
  • Guide teammates in utilizing all resources within their office, with in the team/account, and across the network to deliver quality technical and/or creative design.
  • Maintain and archive electronic project files.

Education / Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 6 years’ experience
  • Registered Architects or individuals seeking registration are preferred
  • Previous experience working on Public projects with States, Counties, Municipalities, or Cities
  • Community, Civic, Justice & Education architectural experience strongly preferred

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